Custom Caricatures

Personalized gift for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement, graduation, corporate events, invitations, etc.

Surprise your Family, Friends and Coworkers with a personalized gift. 


- 1 person – from $75
- 2 people – from $129
- 3 people – from $179
- 4 people or more – request a quote.

 Volume discount up to 50% for 5+ pcs. 

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Delivery Options

Digital delivery - you will receive a digital file (JPEG, PNG or PSD).
Print with a printer or at a print shop

Print delivery (additional payment) - poster or canvas wrap

custom caricatures

Turnaround Time 

Standard order: For 1 person: 3-7 business days. For 2-5 people: 4-8 business days. For 6-15 people: 5-10 business days. For 16-30 people: 8-15 business days.
Rush order: up to 48-72 hrs - digital delivery. contact us for more information.


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Order information:

  • How many people?
  • Head and shoulders or full body?
  • White background or background scenery, additional details, etc.?
  • Digital file or print (poster or canvas wrap)? 
  • Print size?
  • Standard or rush order?

Surprise someone with a personalized gift - personalized caricature from photo. Wedding caricature for your friends, family caricature portrait for your next family reunion or group caricature for your company or sports team.

Are you looking for a fun gift idea for a variety of holidays and events? We offer custom caricatures that are unique to the person and atmosphere it’s being ordered for. Simply send in your photos and you will receive a caricature made specifically for you. If you’re wondering what a caricature is, think of an exaggerated, cartoon-like picture of a person that includes bright colors and a sense of humor. We provide caricatures for a variety of events or gifts ideas for friends and family. Your friends will love that you took the time to think of them and they’ll get a kick out of seeing themselves as a cartoon character!

Custom Caricatures

Order a custom caricature made as a gift for any type of event. This doesn’t have to align with anything specific, so when you give it to your friend, it’ll be “the thought that counts.” Getting a caricature gift for friends or family is a great way to let them know you’re thinking about them and care. It’s also fun to send in basic pictures of the face and receive a caricature portrait of the person themselves. This will make them laugh and they’ll enjoy seeing the cartoon version of themselves. In many personalized cartoon portraits, the features are exaggerated and over-done, giving it a humorous look that anyone will find funny. This personalized caricature is perfect gift for whichever special person you’re thinking of. Order a digital caricature online today!

Company Caricatures

If you’re looking for a creative gift to give your coworker who is retiring or to thank a manager, a caricature is a fun idea that they will appreciate. This can come from your team as a group gift for office staff if you’re looking to give a gift to a higher up. If you’re a manager looking for a gift for a large group of employees, giving out caricatures to each staff member makes the gifts equal, so nobody feels jealous, yet personalized for that employee.
Maybe one of your coworkers is leaving soon, whether for retirement or to move to another job, and in this case, a caricature coworker gift is a great going-away present to let them know you’ll miss them and wish them the best of luck. Sending them a retirement caricature is a great good-bye gift idea.
Caricature business gifts are a unique way to bring your team together and improve workplace relations. It lightens the office atmosphere and gives something for everyone to talk about and laugh about together. Hang some on the walls inside your office to give everyone a good laugh as they walk by. You may make a new friend in the workplace through our employee caricature gifts, or maybe you’ll strengthen your connection with your boss. Any way you’re thinking of, it’s a great gift idea for the company!

Wedding Caricatures

Weddings are meant to be one of the happiest days of the married couples’ lives, and what better way to add to it than receiving caricatures! Caricatures are very popular for weddings, and for good reason. They provide fun pictures that make people smile and bring even more joy to an already fun day. They’ll allow people to remember that special day and have a physical item from the event.
One great idea is to order a couple caricature. This is a cartoon drawing of both the husband and wife and allows them to have a physical memory of them both together. Many people get a custom caricature of themselves on their wedding day to remember a good time in a light-hearted way. Wedding anniversary caricatures are also nice gifts to give to remember the special day.
Another idea is to give gifts to everyone with a role in the wedding to say thanks. Groomsmen caricatures and bridesmaid caricatures can be a great way for them to remember the wedding and feel appreciated by the married couple. The couple can also have custom caricatures made as presents for each person attending the wedding to say, “thanks for coming” and give everyone something to remember them by. Maybe a picture of everyone at the wedding can be taken and then drawn as a caricature portrait and copied for everyone at the wedding.


Team Caricatures

Sports team caricatures is great team gift idea to bond the team together more, or to say goodbye after a good season. These can be given as gifts to each member of the team as a special thank you for what they contributed during the season. Coaches are always looking for fun and unique ideas for team presents, and this is an individual, personalized gift that takes the hassle out of choosing something different for each person. The players can also get caricatures for each other as great gifts for team members.
It can also be fun to take a team picture and send it in to us to be turned into a caricature. Take the team picture a few days before the end of the season to give enough time for us to process your order and copy it for each person on the team. Another great idea is to have everyone take a silly picture, with goofy faces and poses, and have it turned into a caricature. Caricatures are already cartoony and over-done in nature, so silly faces would make for a hilarious result that will have the whole team laughing together.
It's great for any sports team, including baseball, soccer, football, or basketball.  A good idea could be to take pictures of each player in motion, shooting a goal in soccer for example, and turning it into a caricature cartoon as a memory of that achievement and giving it as a soccer team gift.

Graduation Caricature

Looking for a unique graduation gift idea? Send in a picture of your graduate in their cap and gown, and we will deliver a high-quality, skillfully made caricature especially for them. Celebrate their achievement of finishing school by giving them a light-hearted, funny cartoon picture that will allow them to remember that day. Whether it’s for university graduation or high school graduation, or a graduation for any other type of event, a personalized caricature is a nice graduation gift.
It's nice having a picture specifically of the graduate to celebrate them but taking a group picture at the ceremony and sending it in can be another great gift idea. The student themselves can send out caricatures of the group picture to everyone as a thank you for attending their ceremony and letting them know it was a good time.
Another idea is to get a graduate caricature made to send out as graduation ceremony invite cards. Everyone receiving an invitation will enjoy the humor of the graduate as a cartoon, and it’ll spread the message that they’re having the ceremony soon. Shop now for a personalized graduation caricature and you’ll make this event even more fun and memorable!

Group Caricature

Send a group caricature portrait to each member of the family after a reunion to remind everyone of the fun time they had together. This fun family caricature will make everyone laugh when they see parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all drawn in a cartoon family portrait. Send it as a surprise gift for the whole family and they will all be thankful.
Caricatures can also be used in family Christmas cards to send out to friends and extended family. Bring the kids and pets together and let them know the plan to make it a fun time of taking pictures. Then, choose a photo and send it to us for a well-drawn caricature family portrait. We’ll have it back to you soon with our quick delivery time.
It doesn’t have to be just for families though. Get together with a group of friends and enjoy taking pictures that will be turned into caricatures. The whole friend group will love seeing each other as cartoons and it will help bring everyone closer together. Any large group can be turned into a caricature by us, so choose the best photo and send it in!


Birthday Caricature

It can be hard to find the right birthday present for someone, especially if they’re hard to shop for. For an affordable price and quick turnaround time, ordering a caricature from us is a personalized and creative gift for the special birthday person. Give it to them on their birthday and enjoy their reaction as they unwrap the picture of themselves as a cartoon character!
A caricature gift for birthdays is a memorable gift that will stand out to the birthday boy or girl. Choose one of your favorite pictures of them to be turned into a cartoon and have it back in time for the party. It doesn’t matter the age they’re turning, this is an all-around great gift for anyone, especially those with a sense of humor.
It can also be fun to take a group picture at the birthday party and send it to the party attendees as thank you gifts. This will make the birthday memorable and special. This caricature birthday gift is great no matter the person’s relation, whether they’re a friend, family member, classmate, or coworker. Make their special day even more special with our caricatures!

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